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XSG Series Spin Flash Dryer

Product Name:XSG Series Spin Flash Dryer

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Overview:The flash dryer is used to dry paste material,cake material and it is an instant flash dryer,also it is hig.


XSG series roating drier is developed by our company, and its techinology is based on advance techinology adored.The machine is including many superiority, such as reasonable design, compact stuction, widly utilization, grrat productive capacity,good quality, high effect and save energy, Drying, grinding and sieve are completed in one equipment in once time. It eliminate pollution and the techinology is reached international advance level.


Hot air from machine bottom with suitable atomizing speed enter into the stirring and crushing room, it process raw material by cutting, shearing, blowing, floating and rotating. Then raw material is granulated through centrifugating, shearing, impacting and friction effect. This strengthens the process of heat exchange and water evaporation. Materials enters into the drier through the screwing feeding ostium, under the powerful high speed effect of stirring, materials are distributed by the function of striking, friction, shearing and cutting, raw materials are instantly smashed and fully contact with hot air, they are heated and dried, the dried powder material will be raised with the hot-air flow, small particles are discharged from the ring center and collected by cyclone segregator, the rest of materials are kept by graded ring and processed by centrifugal action, throw forward to the inside wall; then, drop to bottom, smashed and dried again. Because gas and solid are rotated together, inertia of solid is bigger than gas and the relative velocity between solid and gas is great, this strengthens the process of heating exchange. Therefore, this machine has strong drying capacity.

◎The material is acted by centrifugal force, shearing force, impact and friction, the particle is very small and is in high degree distributing state. Meanwhile the relative speed between air and solid is big, it strengths mass and heat transmission. So it makes the machine has high output.
◎The hot air will enter into the bottom of the dryer and produce vigorous eddy airflow. It will produce strong washing out and bring out effect to material and eliminate the phenomenon of adhering wall.
◎At the area of high temperature at the bottom of dryer, thermal sensitive material does not contact with hot surface. It solves coking and discoloring problem of thermal sensitive material.
◎Because high cycle speed and short staying time of material in drying chamber, high efficiency and big production of small equipment can be got.
There is eddy piece in drying chamber. It can control moisture of material at lowest level.

◎The distributor at up part of drying chamber can control size and humidity of material at outlet.

Skech of Structure

XSG Series Spin Flash Dryer Skech of StructureTechnical parameters

Type Barrel Main machine dimensions Treatment Water evaporation Floor space
diameter(mm) (mm) wind capacity (m3/h) quantity(kg/h) m2
XSG-4 400 4500 1350~2250 25~75 3×8
XSG-6 600 5000 3050~5090 55~160 3.5×9
XSG-8 800 6100 5400~9050 100~300 5×10
XSG-10 1000 6400 8400~14200 155~450 6×14
XSG-12 1200 6700 12200~20400 225~675 8×16
XSG-14 1400 7200 16700~27800 300~900 8×20
XSG-16 1600 7700 21700~36200 400~1200 10×22

All dates are used for reference only. According to the condition of material.