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GZQ Series Vibrating-Fluid Bed Dryer

Product Name:GZQ Series Vibrating-Fluid Bed Dryer

Keywords:GZQ Vibrating-Fluid Bed Dryer,Vibrating-Fluid Bed Dryer,Fluid Bed Dryer
Overview:It is widely used for operation of drying, cooling and damp increasing (or carry out at the same time) for power or granule material.



◎Inorganic: sulfate, fine bleaching pink, sodium metasilicate, silica sand, boric acid sodium, activated carbon, sulfate, sodium chlorate, borax, boric acid, XiuHuaJia, brominated sodium

◎Organic matter: benzene 2 phenol, oxalic acid, hydroquinone, fumarate, cologne acid, catechol, between the benzene 2 phenol, coke powder, tartaric acid, dichloroisocyanurate, G salt, R salt.

◎Food and feed additive: soybean protein isolated, glutamic acid, caramel pigment, yeast powder, citric acid, citric acid sodium, glucose, lactose, sugar.

◎Pesticide: willy aldehyde in spirit of rotor granules.

◎Chemical agents: sodium percarbonate

◎The high polymer: PE, PAM

◎Adopt vibration motor, it is smooth in running and convenient in maintenance. The noise is low and the service life is long.
◎The state of fluidization is uniform and no dead gaps or broken phenomenon so to have dry ,cool product.
◎It is good in adjustment and wide in the field of application. The thickness of raw material and the speed of raw material to be moved inside the machine and the change of vibration range can be steeples.
◎The damage the surface of raw material is small. So it can be used for raw materials that are easily to be broken. If the granule is not normal,the effect of process can not be effected.
◎The structure is fully seal, it is effective to prevent from cross pollution of raw materials and the working environment is clean.
◎The mechanical and heat are high and its effective of energy saving. Compared to ordinal dryer, 30-60% of energy is saved.

Technical Paramete

Type area of fluid-bed
temperature of inlet air
temperature of outlet air
Evaporate moisture
power of vibration motor
Model Power
GZQ3×3 0.9 70-140 40-70 20-35 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
GZQ4.5×0.30 1.35 70-140 40-70 35-50 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
GZQ4.5×0.45 2.025 70-140 40-70 50-70 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
GZQ4.5×0.60 2.7 70-140 40-70 70-90 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
GZQ6×0.45 2.7 70-140 40-70 80-100 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
GZQ6×0.60 3.6 70-140 40-70 100-130 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
GZQ6×0.75 4.5 70-140 40-70 120-140 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
GZQ6×0.9 5.4 70-140 40-70 140-170 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
GZQ7.5×6.0 4.5 70-140 40-70 130-150 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
GZQ7.5×0.75 5.625 70-140 40-70 150-180 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
GZQ7.5×0.9 6.75 70-140 40-70 160-210 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
GZQ7.5×1.2 9 70-140 40-70 180-270 ZDS51-6 3.7×2

All dates are used for reference only. According to the condition of material.