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GFG Series High-efficiency Fluidizing Dryer

Product Name:GFG Series High-efficiency Fluidizing Dryer

Keywords:GFG Fluidizing Dryer,High-efficiency Fluidizing Dryer,Fluidizing Dryer
Overview:It's suitable for drying of granule and powder materials in pharmaceutical, food stuff and chemical industries and so on.


The granules is produced by screw extraded granulator, swaying granulator or high speed mixing granulator.
Pharmaceutical, foodstuff, feed, chemical industries and so on fields.
Large granules, smal l blocks and adhesive material.
The material that volumes might vary different during drying process.

The structure of fluidization bed  is round  so as  to avoid dead corner;
Inside  the hopper  there is a stir in order to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal of flow.
The granule  is discharged  through  the method of turning over.  In this way it is very convenient. The discharging  system  can be designed  as  request too.
It is operated at the conditions of negat ive pressure and seal. The air is filtered.
Therefore it is simple in operation and convenient in clean.  It is an idea equipment  that  is  in conformity with the requirement of GMP;
The drying  speed  is fast and the temperature is uniform.  In general the drying  time  is  20~30 minutes.

Purified and heated air is immited from the bottom by fan and passed through the screen plate of hopper.  In the work chamber,  the state of fluidization  is formed through stirring and negative pressure. The moisture is evaporated and removed rapidly and the raw material is dried quickly.

Technical parameters

Item Model
Raw materialkg 60 100 120 150 200 300 500 1000
fan Air flow 3 2361 3488 4000 4901 6032 7800 10800 15000
m /h
Air pressure mmH2O 594 533 533 679 787 950 950 1200
Power kw 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 45 75
Stirring power kw 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2
Stirring speed rpm 11
Steam consumption kg/h 141 170 220 240 282 366 451 800
Time of operation min 15-30
Height of main machine mm 2700 2900 2900 2900 3100 3600 3850 5800

All dates are used for reference only. According to the condition of material.