Drying Machine

  • Overview: This product equipped low noise, high temperature proof axial flow blower and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulating system is fully sealed, it makes the hot efficiency increased (from traditional oven's 3%-7% to current 35%-45%), the highest heat efficiency can be reached 70%.
  • Overview: The machine is used for drying the piece, strip and particle shape materials with good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials, such as de-watering vegetable, herbal traditional Chinese medicine and others, for which the water content rate is high and high temperature is not allowed.
  • Overview: It's suitable for drying of granule and powder materials in pharmaceutical, food stuff and chemical industries and so on.
  • Overview: It is widely used for operation of drying, cooling and damp increasing (or carry out at the same time) for power or granule material.
  • Overview: Liquid spray drying technology is shaping and drying of the most widely used industrial process. Ideal for the solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid plastic raw materials generated in the powdery, granular or massive solid products. Therefore, when the particle size distribution of the finished product, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape must meet precise standards. Spray drying is a very good process.
  • Overview: QG Series Airsteam Drier could meet different need of raw materials. The powder material is improved quickly in pipe by hot air.
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