• Overview: Extrusion granulation is a relatively new dry granulation of compound fertilizer production process. Extrusion granulation was first used in the field of potassium chloride fertilizer granulation, for blending fertilizers (BB fertilizer) required granular (1-4mm) potassium chloride have adopted the basic extrusion production.
  • Overview: FL Series Fluidized Granulator is made of stainless steel. its application is very widely,the operation of equipment is safe, it can meet the requirements of GMP.
  • Overview: This machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and foodstuff industry to make granule with different specifications.
  • Overview: The machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry.
  • Overview: Dry powder materials from the top of the device to join, the degassing, spiral preloading to roll on roll, great pressure condition, causes the material to produce plastic deformation was compressed into slices.
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